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Hundreds of Schoolgirls poisoned in taliban attacks The Afghani Goverfnment has accused the Taliban of intentionally poisoning schooling instututions that educate girls, as a statement against the education of women. The water supply or the grounds themselves were allegedly laced with poison, snuck in by bribing either … Continue reading

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How Tech is Changing the World of Journalism.

Technology has opened up a myriad of new avenues for news production and consumption, but there are dangers with the raw amount of sometimes unverifiable information available on the web. Jade Peters, a recent Swinburne University graduate and budding business … Continue reading

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How do I do this internet thing?—how-the-internet-works The internet can be an overwhelming and confusing place for many, especially those who were born before lolcats were a thing. Vice magazine guides its readers through the memes, raw information and inflated (anonymous) egos. When done right, the … Continue reading

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Melburnians on average $100 richer, less likely to marry or have childern. Interesting data compiled from the 2011 census reveals much about the trends Melburnians seem to be following. Many more citizens were born overseas, nearly a third of the entirety of the population, and the majority do not align to … Continue reading

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Facebook belly flop scares off other ‘start-up’ businesses After Facebooks disastarous float on the public stock market, many other businesses are backing away, with 29 companies pulling out plans to go public, many of them differing social networking models such as Russia’s Vkontakte network. It remains to … Continue reading

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Blind chinese activist Chen Guangcheng flies to New York One of Chinas most prominient activists is set to study as a fellow at New York University School of Law, after enduring much hardship defending the rights of his marginalized countrymen, as well as exposing forced abortions and sterilizations. … Continue reading

Posted in World News | Leave a comment The Oxford English dictionary has listed Aussie slang term ‘bogan’, slated to be added in June 2012 to the new edition. It is being defined as an Australian/New Zealand derogatory term, meaning “uncouth or unsophisticated person”.

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