The Carbon Tax- What about the Little Guys?

Will this Pigovian Tax affect little businesses as well as the giants too? David Doughney, small business owner for over 20 years, thinks so. “The carbon tax is a misguided scheme. The reduction in carbon will have little effect compared to worldwide output, and will put a strain on the economy.” Australia produces a relatively small percentage of carbon globally, 1.8% by 2010 statistics, compared to top emitter China at 29% of the total 34 billion tonnes of Global emissions, and the US with a 19% share. “My materials will rise as much as 30%, it looks like the tax is going to add cost to everything.”


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One Response to The Carbon Tax- What about the Little Guys?

  1. Wait, so you’re for the carbon tax? Also, how did that guy quote an embedded link?

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