Are Environmental Awards Always Egalitarian?


Neighborhood just outside of the Central Business District of Melbourne

The City of Boroondara, 6 kilometers from Melbourne CBD, has been awarded the “Sustainable City of the Year” title by the ‘Keep Australia Beautiful: Victoria Sustainable Cities and Clean Beaches Awards’. Hawthorn resident and activist Emma Fenton; “I wonder whether it is due the fact that this is one of the richest suburbs in Melbourne. Can those in the lower socioeconomic sector afford to ‘go green’ on their bills, and do they have that disposable income to spend on higher education and environmetalist projects?” Councellor Kreutz, Mayor of Boroondara, said in a press release; “This is one of Victoria’s most prestigious sustainability award and a major achievement.”


A street in Hawthorn, 6 ks outside Melbourne, and part of the City of Boroondara- winner of recent Environmentalism and Sustainability Award.

It is a pretty neighborhood

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