Montalto Estate- A Gem on the Mornington Peninsula

Gum Tree Picnic Grounds- sit in the dappled shade sipping wine- total bliss!

Nestled away in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula countryside, is the Montalto Estate, a gorgeous winery which offers not only a fantastic bistro, wine collection and extensive grounds to roam, but a unique experience for those who book in advance. First, begin with an extensive wine tasting session, where you can choose your favorites from a selection of reds, whites, sparkling and even alcohol free wines. Then make your way through the estate, dotted with eclectic pieces of artwork and sculptures, to your private picnic site, where you will enjoy a gourmet three course meal whilst drinking your wine and soaking up the sun, view and fragrant air.



Montalto Estate

I took this photo in the summer, so be aware, it may not be as green in the midst of winter!


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