New Artistic Haven to Open in the Victorian Mountain District.

Amateur artist Barbara Doogan will soon be opening an art studio, retreat and gallery that will be a haven for amateur and up-start painters, sculptors, textile and non-traditional artists. “The studio will be in Monbulk, and has a beautiful view of the Warburton ranges to inspire.” Although Barbara has had an extremely successful career in the business world, she hopes that this new venture will help turn passion into vocation, and bring together like minded artists to focus on beautiful and interesting works of art. “We already have artist from all over Victoria interested, even a tattoo artist that does amazing things with wood and leather, I’m very excited.”


Stay tuned for an update- the gallery Facebook page will be up and running soon!

Original Artwork by Studio Director Mrs. Doogan.
“Pastel Wave”

Textile Piece with Embellishment.

“Falling Feathers”- with inspirational wording in Welsh and English.

Indian Feathers in Acrylic with Resin and Embellishment.

Abstract Tree in Acrylic.


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