By Alex McDonald


chet faker

The exclusive township of Portsea was host to the Beach Club music festival this Australia Day weekend, and with the promise of a banging line up and great weather, my friends and I hit up the beachside Portsea Pub to check it out. The vibe was super chilled. A luxurious ambience permeated the collective crowd that drank, laughed and soaked up the sun. From one to midnight the place was filled (but not too full) with cool kids hanging out, and in my case getting incrementally more sunburnt as the day went on. Chet Faker, the headline act and the outfit that was most anticipated, played an amazing afternoon set and was definitely the stand out act. Nick Murphy aka the guy behind the pseudonym derivative of Chet Baker, was brilliant, his voice smoky, mellow, awesome. The crowd swayed, smiled and sang along to the melodic ambient electronic pop, ramping up especially through Faker favourites “I’m Into You” and “No Diggity”. Strange Talk went down a treat too, rocking out their Triple J endorsed hits, Zoe Badwi, Andy Murphy and Seany B each spun out some great individual sets. Sons et al were pretty damn cool too, as was JR Reyne. From the huge pan of freshly cooked Paella steaming in a corner to the Corona shack and the Coldstream caravan, the set up was well thought out- and getting to buy a stainless steel bucket o’ Coronas on ice solidified the summery, beachy mood. Celebrity spotting became a bit of a running joke with a friend getting a bit flustered when she spotted ‘the hot blonde from Master Chef’, as well as a bunch of footy players, and some lads from the latest Big Brother. Not having a TV was severely to my detriment and alas I did not win that game, although I did get a few free shots of Patron when I took a footy to the face as a result of not really knowing what to do in a ridiculously competitive and ultimately short lived game. It was a really good day, one where if not watching one of the great musical acts, we sat around on the grass hill or at one of the big wooden tables, looking out over the sea, laughing, joking and jumping about with an ever increasing crew. The sun went down, the evening came and went in a blur, and the end of the night arrived way too soon. As we retired back to our friends beach house, we were all filled with the satisfied, happy feeling of a day well spent, singing Chet Faker songs ridiculously loud well into the rest of the night.




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Online Portfolio of Alexandra McDonald. Current Postgraduate Journalism student. Writing about the news media and politic seems to be my emerging forte but I love writing and researching pretty much anything and everything! Catch me on http://www.activemotion.com.au/shamrock/
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