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Slightly ‘Off the Wall’, Endearingly Inept Video Slideshow of Melbourne.

  Melbourne is a wonderful, vibrant city. Breathtaking architecture, intriguing art, and a ‘cooler than cucumbers’ atmosphere. There are many, many, many tour buses shuttling around the masses of eager tourists with the standard camera pressed to face, and rosy … Continue reading

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Calling all Media Graduates: Sage Advice from a Successful Professional.

Finding a graduate position after university is daunting, and more challenging than trying to quit reddit cold turkey during SWOTVAC. The number of websites dedicated to finding that elusive position attest to this. Isaac Dowell scored a position at Channel … Continue reading

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How do I do this internet thing?—how-the-internet-works The internet can be an overwhelming and confusing place for many, especially those who were born before lolcats were a thing. Vice magazine guides its readers through the memes, raw information and inflated (anonymous) egos. When done right, the … Continue reading

Posted in Entertainment | Leave a comment The Oxford English dictionary has listed Aussie slang term ‘bogan’, slated to be added in June 2012 to the new edition. It is being defined as an Australian/New Zealand derogatory term, meaning “uncouth or unsophisticated person”.

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‘Beyond Meat’; a gamechanger for vegan foodies.

‘Beyond Meat’; a gamechanger for vegan foodies.

A new plant based protein food with the look, feel and taste of chicken meat has been introduced to stores in the US, as a substitute for animal based foods, providing a tasty alternative to lentils and chickpeas. The product is different to others as it mimics the taste and texture of chicken, providing a helpful substitute for vegans who appreciate the taste but not the process by which it gets to their plate. It is yet to hit Australia, but if it is as popular as it is being hailed to be, it shouldn’t be long before this product is worldwide. 

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Actor Charlie Sheen admits to suffering a ‘psychotic break’

Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has finally seen the light it seems, admitting in an interview with Playboy magazine that his infamous, out-of-control behaviour of 2011 was due to ‘psychotic break’. The celebrity admits he didnt realse the far reaching consequences his erratic behaviour would cause, including being fired from his hit show Two and a Half Men, but did not regret the many lasting and epic catch phrases he subsequently coined throughout his breakdown. ‘Winning’.

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Bagpipe playing prison program hopes to soften hardened criminals

A rehabilitation program taking place in a Indian prison in the state of Jammu is somewhat unusual in nature, and involves teaching inmates to play the drums and bagpipes in an effort to reform their attitudes and societal involvement. The prison of Kotbhalwal has a 20 strong band of pipe players, that when accomplised enough, plan on playing at weddings and other various funcions in the community.

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