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How Technology Changes our news Consumption.

Technology has opened up a myriad of new avenues for news production and consumption, but there are dangers with the raw amount of sometimes potentially falsified information available on the web. Jade Peters, a University graduate, blogger and editorial journalist, … Continue reading

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Facebook belly flop scares off other ‘start-up’ businesses After Facebooks disastarous float on the public stock market, many other businesses are backing away, with 29 companies pulling out plans to go public, many of them differing social networking models such as Russia’s Vkontakte network. It remains to … Continue reading

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‘Beyond Meat’; a gamechanger for vegan foodies.

‘Beyond Meat’; a gamechanger for vegan foodies.

A new plant based protein food with the look, feel and taste of chicken meat has been introduced to stores in the US, as a substitute for animal based foods, providing a tasty alternative to lentils and chickpeas. The product is different to others as it mimics the taste and texture of chicken, providing a helpful substitute for vegans who appreciate the taste but not the process by which it gets to their plate. It is yet to hit Australia, but if it is as popular as it is being hailed to be, it shouldn’t be long before this product is worldwide. 

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